Meet my TEAM!

Everything you need to know about the server and how to connect to it along with other special things.
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Meet my TEAM!

Post by Equinox » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:28 am

So here's the GM Team of Lineage II Equinox:

Server Owner & Advertising:


Game Masters & Developers:


Website Designer & Coding:



I Have known these people as friends and fellow gamers for 7-10 years most of them and we love L-II and if your reading this and found your way here you probably do also. Money is nice but it is not our main reason for doing this but of course the server has fee's. Most of us spent our time split on Retail & Private servers and have always wanted to make our own server especially after listening to players over the years and being players ourselves. We will not play (Zero corruption or tolerance for it.) but our goal is to have fun also and create a server that will stay long term and provide tons of PvP and fun without having to mortgage your house to buy items or farm like you have two jobs. The server will always have active GM's and extra events triggered by them and and issues or bugs will be fixed and resolved. At this point I am pretty sure we will be going LIVE with what we have already accomplished but there is so much more we want to add and do yet but at this point we need testers and help. We need bug reports, suggestions and opinions on everything from everyone. This site will have leader boards, an awesome home page and forums in the end also. This is just to get the Lineage II Equinox community up and going. Everything on the server in the end will be based on what the "player" wants and keeps the "player" happy and playing long term with stuff to do and having fun. I could go on here for ever but soon I or someone will have a massive post on server features and rates soon!